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July 26, 2009



Thank you!


If you want adventure on the AT, you should walk it like the Gov. of SC did. *S*

Thx for starting my Aug. 26th off so well. Where the heck was this post for a month? On the trail?


Thank you both for keeping up with this blog despite the long, long lag between entries. As you noticed, Inanna, I have back-dated this last one. It took me a day to write it and a month to type it up... And I can't believe I forgot about Ol' Governor Sanford. That's a missed opportunity!


love the two new entries. worth the wait.


That explains why it only now showed up. I was pretty sure I'd checked once since then.

Thanks for making me thirsty for beer.


Yes, I lied about the posting date. But of all the lies in the blog, that is the smallest.

Also, I didn't make you thirsty for beer: God did that.

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