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February 27, 2008



Good Goddess! I'm printing out this one - there is SO MUCH in here, dude.

I love G. Benson AND L. Russell, btw....every once in awhile, I pull out the old tape and play "Tightrope" just to hear the rhythm.

Truly....you have packed more in here than I've ever seen you do....Thx


good work, man.

Matt Cooper

Glad to see you're taking your friend's advice and keeping it short.

Just joshing. These posts are the longest things I read on line, by far, and I'm always a little sad when I get to the end. Keep on keeping on, you wordsmith you.


I know, I know. I fully intended to keep it short and sweet. I dunno what happened. Maybe next time...but I'm not promising.


Stay strong... and keep 'em coming.


Stealing from the swinger of birches?


Speaking from recent personal experience, I can say just how hard it is to decide that something new and different needs to be done, and then doing it despite what others might think.

Luckily, the payoff seems to be pretty fantastically good.

I enjoyed your post.

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