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January 17, 2008


Stefan G. Bucher

Ho-HO! Fightin' words and plenty of 'em. I thought I saw an enemy contact pop up on my Dradis. Funnily enough, I'm reading your post after I just started watching Season 1 of BSG on DVD again, and after ordering Season 2 earlier tonight.

See, my main complaint with E.R. has always been this: No robots, no ray guns, no spaceships. I'm willing to overlook the absence of robots and ray guns, but would it have killed Crichton to put the hospital on a spaceship? Or in an orbiting space station, at least? I have no reason for this wish other than deep personal preference. Everything is better when you add "in space."

Real, shmeal. The odds of my having a summer cottage on Mars are dwindling fast. Unless I can find somebody to give me a ride, this is probably the only space travel I'll ever get to do. Unfortunately, a trip to the ER is a much more unfortunate likelihood. So... frack it! BSG kicks ass!

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But Number 6 is really Hot....

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